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Preservation for Generations to Come

“Sustainable tourism meets the needs of present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunity for the future”
World Tourism Organization

As a leading provider of services to the fast growing travel and tourism industry, GAA-Marta is uniquely positioned to prepare our clients for the challenges and opportunities facing the global travel and tourism marketplace in the 21st century.
In keeping with this philosophy, our associate company is internationally recognized in infrastructure and “green“ master planning with over 40 years experience in ecologically friendly resort and regional infrastructure development. These infrastructure and sustainable development solutions are internationally LEED certified and in some cases patented. They also include energy (solar, water, wind), waste, effluents and emmissions solutions as well as these contractors and suppliers.

Our master planners, in consultation with our clients steering committees, land owners and stakeholders, ensure long term sustainable project, regional or country tourism development.