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Delivering Profitable Destination Opportunities

Governments play a key role in the development of the tourism sector. Regulation of natural and cultural resource use, incentives to improve the global competitiveness of tourism business and developing basic tourism infrastructure are all the responsibility of governments.
Over the years our team has enabled multi billion dollar tourism infrastructure and development projects for governments and destinations around the world which have brought them international acclaim and raised the profile of tourism as an economic engine.

We view tourism destinations as products that need to be planned, developed, packaged and delivered to the right markets and investors. Successful tourism products are the result of comprehensive cross-sectoral strategies that consider the adequate management of natural and cultural resources, the promotion of sustainable economic growth and improving the quality of tourists’ experience.

A snapshot of our services:

• Supply analysis
• Competitive / benchmark analysis
• Demand analysis / interest potential
• Visitor forecasts / bed-capacity forecasts
• Forecasts for accommodation types / categories
• Forecasts for leisure / sport facilities and other types of facilities / services
• Land use planning / conceptual plans
• Guidelines for architectural designs / building models
• Infrastructure systems
• Financial analysis
• Marketing & Sales through our international distribution network of 7500 outlets