For Investors and Developers

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Investing in Growth Markets

The senior staff at GAA-Marta Consulting has spent the last 30 years directly influencing the relationships between economic trends, tourism supply, and actual tourism demand. We are able to assess market opportunities, evaluate tourism economic growth potential, traveler preferences, industry costs, and risk factors.

This knowledge enables our portfolio of investors and developers to invest profitably in expanding markets

Our senior level government and finance relationships are what set us apart from other tourism consultancies. Our investor and developer pool is hand picked from our extensive network for each project which is conducted directly with the decision makers and governments of our client countries.

Through our involvement in the negotiations, we enable developers to secure favorable terms and governments are able to make responsible economic development decisions . This business philosophy is what has enabled us to bring billions of dollars in foreign direct investment and workplaces for citizens to our client countries over the years as well as enabling diversified, stable returns on investments for our investors and developers.